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Two of the most important and expensive investments in your home is your carpet and your mattress. Yet the Mattress is often the most neglected item in our homes when it comes to cleaning.

We spend an average of 8 hours a day on the bed sleeping, which equates to 1/3 of our lifetime. While we are sleeping, we are also shedding dead skin cells. If these skin cells are not removed, the weight of the mattress can double over ten years.

Dust mites feed off dead skin cells, making your mattress the perfect breeding ground. This can cause an allergic reaction in asthmatics and some people are allergic to their feces. If you are sleeping on a mattress that isn’t adequately and regularly cleaned, you are creating an environment that encourages ill- health.

In order to maintain a healthy home, regular mattress cleaning needs to be prioritized.

We recommend having your mattress deep cleaned at least once a year. People who suffer from asthma, eczema and other allergies will benefit greatly from having their mattresses cleaned more regularly. 

Protect against Dust Mites and Dirt between Professional Cleaning :  

  • Use a mattress cover

  • Vacuum mattresses regularly, we recommend at least once a month on both sides

  • Wash bedding regularly

  • Air the mattress out regularly by placing it in  the sun for a few hours

  • Clean headboards and night stands

  • Vacuum carpet regularly 

  • Clean windows

  • Vacuum / clean drapes

  • Dust the room

  • Keep dirty laundry contained to one area

Perform carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning  every 6 - 12 months

We clean in the following areas:

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