Standard Clean vs Supreme Clean

Carpet cleaning methods depends on the type of carpet, the carpets condition, age and whether or not regular cleaning has been done professionally. Any excessive dirt, moisture or foot traffic requires a Supreme Clean. When cleaning the carpets regularly (we recommend every four to six months) only a standard clean is recommended. 

A Standard clean is a wash and extract which includes cleaning chemicals and deodorizing. (Steam Cleaning method) 

When performing a Supreme clean (or Deep Clean) our team will use a scrubbing machine to thoroughly deep clean the carpet with the required  chemicals. They will then extract the dirt and do a Standard clean, washing and extracting again, before they deodorize.

If you are still unsure, you can always send us pictures of the carpets with a detailed description of your concern. Alternatively we can come out and do a free assessment and quotation.  

In the picture below we did a Supreme clean on the left hand side and a standard clean in the middle. On the right is the condition of the carpet before we cleaned. You will notice that the standard clean is sufficient where the carpet is not very stained, but only the supreme clean will completely remove stains.

Expert Carpet Cleaning, Fourways, Johannesburg

BEFORE                                                                                                AFTER


A dirty shower can make the whole bathroom look dirty.

The amount of soaps, shampoos and other cleaning lotions we use lets our showers build up faster than other tiles in the house, which makes our Shower Steam cleaning an absolute must in every home.

Especially when you’re moving into a new home, not only for dirt and build up but also for any hidden germs that could be lurking on the surface. 


Over time the chemicals we use to clean tiles build up and form a layer of wax on the tiles and grout that can be difficult to remove with ordinary house hold products. The more pores the tile have the more difficult it will be to clean.

To make your tiles look new, book with our Expert Tile team today for  a Free sample!

Tile cleaning, Fourways, Johannesburg
Tile cleaning, Fourways, Johannesburg
Shower cleaning, Fourways, Johannesburg
Shower Tile cleaning, Fourways, Johannesburg

Stripping and Sealing Vinyl  

Vinyl floor treatment, Fourways
Vinyl floor treatment, Fourways

Slate Tile Stripping and Sealing

Slate Tiles can be brought back to life with professional stripping and sealing.

Slate is very stain resistant and perfect for both in- and outdoor use.  

Many people make the mistake of applying waxes or floor finishes that rob the slate of it's natural beauty. This can cause build up of dirt and cleaning chemicals used when mopping the floor, that will be impossible to remove with ordinary house hold cleaners and requires professional stripping to get back to the raw stone. 

After Stripping the tiles a sealer is applied to give the slate a beautiful wet look.  

Stone Tile cleaning, fourways
Stone Tile sealing, fourways

Wooden Floor Sanding and Sealing

Wooden floors are making a come back and Expert Carpet Cleaning is here to help you bring your wooden floors back to it's beautiful best. Sealing a wooden floor professionally gives the floor a shinny finish and has many advantages:

The floor becomes more scratch resistant.

Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth. 

No more endless polishing and shining.

Below are some examples of sanding and sealing parquet floors. 

wooden floor treatment, fourways, sandton
wooden floor Sealing, fourways, sandton
wooden floor treatment, fourways, sandton
wooden floor sanding, fourways, sandton
wooden floor treatment, fourways, sandton
wooden floor cleaning, fourways, sandton

Pre- and Post Occupational Cleaning

Includes Walls, Cupboards, Surfaces, Appliances and all ground floor windows. 

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