Pet Stains

It is not unusual for homeowners who have household pets to have urine stains on their carpet. Pets will urinate on carpet as an act of territorialism, anxiety, or simply out of need.

Unless the animal urine deposited on the carpet is immediately cleaned, it creates permanent stains and sinks to contaminate the carpet backing, padding and even the sub-floor.

Stains from pet urine are yellowish or brown and will darken with age. The degree of staining from pet urine on a carpet will depend in part on the fiber type and dye method of the carpet.

We recommend a deep clean (Supreme clean) for any stains and especially pet urine stains.

 Because of the acid present in urine, stain removal is not guaranteed , our Technicians will do their best to get the stain as light as possible. Should the stain still remain dark another booking can be made and the process will be repeated.  

Acids found in pet urine can also liberate calcium carbonate fillers used in carpet latex, causing it to lose its bonding strength.


For any excessive odors, mold, pet urine or dampness a vinegar extraction is required, followed by a supreme clean. This extraction is performed to kill the bacteria that cause the smell; the cleaning agents smell like vinegar, hence the name.

A further deodorizing might have to be booked once the carpet is dry depending on the severity of the problem. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the smell will disappear, we have a 90% success rate but some synthetic fiber carpets will permanently stain and smell.

Should the underfelt of your carpet have been drenched,  the underfelt can rot and might need to be replaced.  This will cause smells to persist and stains to come up repeatedly. In this case we recommended the underfelt be  replaced as soon as possible.